Why Publish with United Scholars?

Distinguished Editorial Members: United Scholars is the holder of extraordinary editors. Each editor is an expert in his /her field to yield high quality journals.

Free of Charge: We are a self supported institution based on the voluntary efforts of scholars. While most publishing companies charge hundreds of dollars for their services, we publish completely free of charge. 

Easy (One Step) Submission Process: We make it very simple for our authors. You do not have to undergo a time consuming long application. Submit your manuscript via email, so it is just one click away. 

Expedited Reviewing and Publishing: Your manuscript will be reviewed immediately and a decision will be returned to you within 2 weeks. 

Copyright: United Scholars authors retain the copyright to their work. Therefore you are allowed the convenience of unlimited use and distribution of your work without restrictions. 

1- To provide access to high quality peer-reviewed research articles to authors and readers all over the world, free of charge. 

Unlike commercial publishing companies, we have minimized our journal topics to focus thoroughly on each and every manuscript submitted to produce and publish superior quality journals, on the contrary to quantity seeking industries. We envision a worldwide unrestricted access to distinguished research articles helping raise education levels and strengthen knowledge. 

2- To provide outstanding patent drafting services at an affordable price.

3- To provide affordable, high quality consulting services services in the following areas: 

Electronic Circuit Design
Wireless Systems Design
RF Technologies
Biomedical Instrumentation
Network Design and Security
Engineering Modeling and Simulations
PCB Schematic and Layout
Software and Firmware Development
Prototyping and Testing


United Scholars offers a reasonably priced engineering consulting and patent drafting services. It also provides a platform for scientists, researchers, students and those in the field of our publication topics. We have gathered distinguished editorial members ensuring high quality, as each editor will focus on his/her specific field. We were built based on the voluntary support of scholars and the love of knowledge. With a highly dedicated editorial team we ensure reliable, fast and superior quality publications, free of charge. Our goal is to elevate our research topics to the highest level.

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