Editing Services

You worked so hard on your research, you can't wait to publish it! There is just one more step to get there. We know that manuscripts are often returned for English language and formatting issues.  We will correct grammar and punctuation, fix problem sentences, delete or add necessary words and rearrange your text. Simply, we can improve the overall organization and clarity of your submitted manuscript. You just take care of the technical details and we'll take care of the rest. 
Our Editing Team is comprised of experienced and highly professional editors to ensure perfect technical language and formatting to make your manuscript publication-ready in minimal time. Our editing service is performed by strictly English speaking native experts that pay great attention to detail, with a resulting manuscript that meets international standards of written English. Our service is given at a very reasonable price, in fact the lowest price in the editing industry. 

For a price quote email your manuscript to: editing@unitedscholars.net