Experimental Buoyancy Control for a Spherical Underwater Robot

Vehicle (URV)
Authors:Abdalla Eltigani Ibrahim, Mohd Noh Karsiti, Irraivan Elamvazuthi

   ISSN: 2379-7207

The Development of Blind Navigation by Using GPS and RFID Technology
Authors: Sohan M. Mane

Deep Learning Neural Networks for Vision and Classification in Torch7
Authors: RK Yadav, Aviral Takkar

Optimization of Damper Location Format in the RC Building Frames
Authors: Ravi S. Navrange

Control System for Experimental Model of Electric Elevator

Authors: Mohammed M. Ezzaldean, Mustafa S. Bakr


New Active and Semi-active Isolators for Structures Subjected to a Strong Earthquake

Authors: Tahar Latreche

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Aims and Scope: The Journal of Control, Robotics, and Mechatronic Systems is a quarterly journal which publishes original and review papers pertaining to control, automation and mechatronic engineering and the general field of robotics. Topics of interest include but are not limited to: modelling and analysis of control, mechatronic systems and robots, neural systems, fuzzy logic, industrial automation, feedback control, process control, networked control, human robot interaction, unmanned vehicles, robot vision, micro mechatronics, vibration and noise control, and sensors and actuators in mechatronic and control systems.

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Journal of Control, Robotics, and Mechatronic Systems