The Model and the Method of Two-Level Routing in MPLS Network
Ahmad Hailan, Wijdan Abdulhussien, Naofal Hassan, Jehan K. Al-Safi

Volume 1

Smart Parking Techniques Based on Internet of Things
Ahmed Yaseen Mjhool, Ali Abbas Al-Sabbagh, Ruaa A. Saeed Alsabah 

Deep Learning Approach for Handwritten Image Recognition Based

on a High Dimensionality Reduction and Feature Selection Using

Stacked Sparse Auto-Encoder Structure
Adil Al-Azzawi​

Speechmath  IPTV’s Verification System
Mahmood Alfathe, Veton Z. Këpuska

Creating Relational Databases to Design Large Database Application

System and Departmental Target Responsibility System 
Dana Hussein, and Alaa Hassan

Quantum Computing
Fryad Muhammad Rashid


The Pivotal Role of Satellite and Airborne Internet to Drive the Internet of Things; Future Vision
Ruaa A. Saeed Alsabah, Ali Abbas Al-Sabbagh, Josko Zec,

Ivica Kostanic

Performance Analysis of SC-FDMA and OFDMA Systems Based on PAPR by Making Comparisons between Raised Cosine (RC) and Root Raised Cosine (RRC) Shaping Filter
Raad Al-Dalwash, Rajagopal.Nilavalan

Experimental Study to Show the Effect of Bouncing On Digital Systems
Fryad Muhammad Rashid

Mobile Learning on School Teaching and Learning
Jehan Kadhim Al-Safi, Samaneh Azari 

       ISSN: 2469-8288

Performance analysis of SC-FDMA and OFDMA systems based on SER by using ITU-pedestrian and vehicular channels with QPSK modulation
Authors: Raad Al-Dalwash, Rajagopal.Nilavalan, Hamed Al-Raweshidy

4G LTE-A Improvements Towards the Evolution of Internet of Things

(IoT): Survey

Authors: Ruaa A. Saeed Alsabah, Ahmed Yaseen Mjhool, Ali Abbas Al-Sabbagh



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