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Robust Facial Image Gender Identification Based on a Comparison between Non-Boosted and Ada-Boosted Classification Algorithms
Adil Al-Azzawi​

An Efficient Spatially Invariant Model for Fingerprint Authentication based on Particle Swarm Optimization
Adil Al-Azzawi

Effect of microwave radiation of GSM frequency band (1.8 GHz) on euchromatin/heterochromatin transition in isolated human buccal epithelium cells
Authors: Magda I.Y., Pasiuga V.N., Antonenko E.A., Katrich V.A., Shckorbatov Y.G.

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Aims and Scope: Progress in Biomedical Engineering Research provides a forum for dissemination of the latest advances in the vital field of biomedical engineering and reflects the multidisciplinary nature of this broad subject. The journal, published online quarterly, publishes original scientific papers as well as in-depth critical reviews. Topics of interest include but are not limited to: biomedical instrumentation, biomedical imaging (microwave, ultrasonic, etc..), biomechanics, bio-inspired technology, biomaterials, biosensors, cell and tissue engineering, bionics, biomedical modeling and simulation, bio-informatics, and biomedical signal processing. 

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